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How to Use This Book as a Fundraiser

The decision to publish a book came from the encouragement of several friends and relatives. As I pondered this possibility, I envisioned this book as a wonderful tool for clubs (especially German organizations or classes) to raise money for their activities. I know the drudgery of fund-raising, and finding a nice product that returns a decent amount of profit.

So at substantial personal risk and up-front cost, I made the decision to self-publish 3000 volumes (as opposed to having a book on-demand). This has allowed me the freedom to sell these directly to the public so you can earn money for selling them and not the big bookstores or


Graduated Rebate:  



Depending on the quantity of books your group sells, you can earn a graduated rebate (or discount) as follows:

Minimum of 5 books: $1.00 per book

Minimum of 10 books: $2.00 per book

Minimum of 15 books: $3.00 per book

Minimum of 20 books: $4.00 per book

Minimum of 25 books: $5.00 per book

In addition to the rebate schedule, I will include a free book for every order of 50 or more books. This can be used in any manner you'd like - but I'm hoping to give the organizer of this effort a freebie.

Getting Started:
  To start, you may want to print out the first page of this website to poll your group for interest. Then you should probably order a book from the bookstore - Order Now!
(There is a 30 day return policy for you to examine the book by.)
Order Form:
  We will provide the order forms or you can save time and download your own. Click the icon below to download the order form in pdf format.
Placing the Order:

The total of your combined orders (including any applicable taxes or shipping & handling) would need to be mailed, MINUS your rebate per book.

For Example:
If you sold 100 books at $12.95, with $2.00 shipping & handling, you would have collected $1495.00. You would mail us ONE check for $1295.00 ($10.95 per book with $2.00 shipping and handling) with a certified check (or regular check if you don't mind waiting a week). If you are ordering from anywhere in Ohio, proper sales tax MUST be added! We'll confirm your order, and send it out UPS or best way.

Make Checks Payable to:

BGT Publishing
8193 Crossgate Ct. N., Suite 503
Dublin, OH 43017

Sorry, credit cards cannot be used to receive the discounted rates. If you order through the internet bookstore link, we cannot offer the rebates either. If you have any questions, you can e-mail here: BGT Publishing

Note: Last date to receive orders delivered before Christmas: Friday, December 4 th.

Book signings with displays of artwork in the central Ohio area are definitely possible if given enough advance notice - and possibly elsewhere with proper planning.
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