Arches, Turrets & Ivy
Behind the Book

This 8" x 10" hardcover book with dust jacket will be a tasteful addition to your travel book collection. It could be easily given as a hostess gift, Get Well Wish, Mother's Day present, or simply a treat for someone that loves Deutschland. A friend of mine from church who has traveled extensively saw the photos and was so excited that he and his wife have pre-ordered six books to give to their grown children. I hope you share their enthusiasm!

Note from the Author:
Whenever I travel, I like to purchase a nice picture book that captures the charm of that region as a momento. The larger the pictures, the more I like the book. If I'd seen "Arches, Turrets and Ivy" after our own European tour last year, I would have purchased it for many reasons.

First, the pictures are wonderful portraits of gorgeous views. They're not obvious tourist attractions, but everyday scenes, typical of the area. If you've been to this region of the world, you know the architecture, castles and quaint window boxes are captivating. If you've never traveled there, these images will help transport you there in spirit.

Secondly, as a decorator, I have seen the universal appeal of "Old World" images. No matter what your age, gender or style - you can appreciate the genre. Almost all of these images are full-page size with minimal text for you to enjoy. Besides photo images, there are many pictures uniquely hand-enhanced with oil paints, pastels and oil pencils. Many clients have been purchasing prints of them.

Third, most everyone can enjoy a well-composed scene. The images from this book were taken through an artist's eyes with the intent of creating future watercolor and oil paintings. They were carefully edited and selected for this book.


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